Desecrate Ethereal’s “Xenomorphs” play through video will make your day brighter.

When you’re from the Midwest, low on funds, out of gas, etc… and you need to promote your metal band in style where do you go on a budget? The woods, the woods dammit. The woods is where all great metal videos are filmed, take note future music video directors.

Desecrate Ethereal’s playthrough is great for lifting weights, it’s f@#$ing heavy and fast. Watch as 8-string guitarist Nick Jordan and (fretless) bass player Brian Gates melt your face to a puddle of dripping liquid! (I was informed that the frets are painted on… whatever works!)

The song clocks in around almost six minutes, these guys are not messing around. Head on over and follow these guys on Bandcamp and check out even more of their brutal music. Looks like the band has teamed up with Aorta Music & Management, so look for tour dates coming soon.

There you have it! Grab some popcorn, a tasty beverage, and feast your ears holes on this kickass music video.