Day Of Havoc Festival YEAR 2 – It’s almost here!

In a world where metal concerts are a way of life… presents the second annual “Day Of Havoc Festival YEAR 2”. Mark your calendars for May 30th, 2015 and save the date. This years festival features five local heavy metal bands and one on-location artwork exhibition.

Get ready for the brutal rock stylings of bands awesome bands Bloodrail, Drowning In The Platte, Ghosts Of Ruin, Architect Or Arsonist and Primal Waters. In fact to make this gig even more epic, Architect Or Arsonist and Primal Waters will be celebrating the release of their new albums.

Architect Or Arsonist’s new album is titled “Anthropomorphism”, meaning “the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.” It’s also a noun for all you proper people. This album been a long time in the making. If you’re interested read some of our previous coverage here.

Grab your swords and shields and get in your battle mode as Primal Waters will be celebrating the release of their new album titled “Recrudescence”, meaning “the revival of material or behavior that had previously quiesced”. Another album title that requires some higher education or just a good old fashion dictionary. This album is the second part of a three part album series.

The headlining band, Bloodrail from Lincoln, Nebraska, have a new EP coming out soon. If you jump over to their Facebook page and do some internet band stalking, you’ll notice that Sean Joyce is involved in the project, so get stoked because he does damn good audio work. Maybe we will get to listen to some of the bands new material!

Let’s not forget Drowning In The Platte and Ghosts Of Ruin. Two bands that kick ass and bring the metal! DITP have a very dark underground sound filled with songs about brutal happenings mostly involving bring at the wrong place, around the wrong time… near the river. Ghosts Of Ruin, a metal band from Omaha, Nebraska, complete this lineup with their interesting sound that mixes the stylings of metal, metalcore and progressive genres. So with all that said, this is one excellent event to get pumped up about.

While attending make your way to the beer garden and check out Dillon’s Diabolical Designs on-location artwork exhibition. Just look for the massive black tent filled with artwork and some t-shirt artwork. Artist Dillon Stienike’s artwork fits right in with the environment of a classic metal show. If you like monsters, creatures, brutality and more… you’ll be good to go.

This event is hosted at The Depot in Norfolk, Nebraska. For complete event details, click here.