The Clincher releases new EP this weekend!

‘Tis the season for record releases, and that sure makes me more jolly than any of those holidays that happen around the winter solstice!

Omaha metallers The Clincher are set to release their EP entitled Prelude on January 23rd at the Lookout Lounge in Omaha. Check out the details and RSVP here. In anticipation of the coming record, the band has released a single entitled “P.B.P.B.S.”

The new track shows the width and breadth that The Clincher covers in their music. The song starts out with a big rolling drum solo; then a slinky, descending, very metal guitar riff jumps in for a second before we’re blasted by a punk-rock inspired pre-verse section. “P.B.P.B.S” shows off vocalist Lori Piper’s range as she switches back and forth between her expertly executed cleans and earth-shaking lows.

The title of the track does spark some curiosity, so I asked Piper what “P.B.P.B.S.” stood for, and she told me: Perceiving Beyond Perfection By Selection. She also mentioned that the abbreviation had a more humorous meaning, but I’ll let your imaginations run wild on that one.

Prelude will contain three tracks recorded and produced by Michael Beck of SoundVision Recording. The other two tracks are entitled “Le Passhole” and “Shark Attack.”

Piper mentioned that The Clincher will be headed back into the studio with Beck in the next few months to record a full length record.

And as if releasing a new EP wasn’t enough news from The Clincher camp, the band has additional changes regarding their lineup. For the release party on the 23rd, they will be doing a one-time performance as a five-piece, rounding out their usual dual guitar, drums, and vocals lineup with bassist Ben Kadaffi. The release show will be guitarist and founding member Clarissa Lamb’s final show with The Clincher, and Kadaffi will become a full time member on bass. When the band started in 2007, they had an all female lineup . After this release show, they will be 50% male. Piper praised Lamb, “We can’t say enough wonderful things about her…she has such amazing abilities and she is family…as we will always remain.”

This is bound to be a great night of metal. Also performing on the Lookout stage will be Calling Cody, DeadEchoes, Primal Waters, and Black Sky Burning. You’re not going to catch a one-of-a-kind live performance on your couch, so…

…get out and pay some cover charges!

–Damascus Wootz