Clenched Fist Productions StormFest 2018 details have been announced. Two nights of heavy metal at The Lookout Lounge.

The groundhog might have seen his shadow and winter might have an extra six weeks, but spring will be here soon and with it comes the annual StormFest concert. StormFest 2018 is brought to you by Clenched Fist Productions. StormFest is an annual heavy metal music festival that provides an all-ages event for everyone.

You see, back when StormFest first hit the scene in 2012, it was very difficult to find an all-ages metal show. However, nowadays it has become much easier to find all-ages metal shows so that means somebody is doing something right around the Midwest! This year’s StormFest has seventeen bands total and is spread out over a two day period. The fun starts Friday, April 13th, and goes through Saturday, April 14th, 2018, at The Lookout Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska.

This year’s two-day concert features…

FRIDAY NIGHT: The Ruble Effect, DeadEchoes, The Blood Of War, Cynge, Autumn Paradox, Primal Waters, and Obesity.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Murderhouse, Stronghold, Before I Burn, Screaming Red Mutiny, TenDead, The Resurrectionist, Exit Sanity, In The Attack, Slantpiece, and Sprout The Anti-Hero.

Ticket prices are awesome! Friday night’s show is $8, Saturday night’s show is $12, OR YOU CAN DO A TWO-DAY PASS for only $15.

This year’s StormFest concert is dedicated to the life and memory of our fallen friend and brother Cameron Ruble. Headlining the Friday night show will be a special performance by The Ruble Effect which features members of Cameron’s band Bloodrail.

For complete StormFest 2018 details, please visit our dedicated page on this site. Make sure you spread the word. #StormFest2018