Clenched Fist Productions celebrates 6 years with style.

     This coming weekend will be one for the books! Clenched Fist Productions is having its 6th annual anniversary/Uncle Tripp’s Birthday Bash weekend. Friday, February 7th, at the Hideout in Omaha, and Saturday, February 8th, at the Phoenix Room in the Depot in Norfolk.

I had a chance to do a little facebook chatting with Mr. Clenched Fist himself, Tripp Stevens, about the upcoming brutality. Check it.

DW: For those not in the know, tell us a little bit about what it is you do in the Nebraska metal scene.

TS: I try to give you the best metal/hard rock show you can see. I focus more on putting together shows that will hit every one of your musical senses, not just what the “A” crowd wants you to listen to.

DW: F**k yeah, and you play in a couple bands too?

TS: I play with my brother and sister in the force known as TenDead, and in the past I have filled for bands such as Sin/Fixx and the Blood of War, and also have my fingers on a few side projects of my own.

DW: So you’re pulling double duty Saturday night, playing in two bands. Have you done that before?

TS: Yes-sir, a couple of times. Usually when my band is also on the bill. I just love playing my bass live, so I’m down for whatever. It also gives me a chance to flex my muscle, as it were, in a different style of metal.

DW: I hope all that bass playing doesn’t get in the way of any partying!

TS: I’m a seasoned veteran of the game. And with me, the drunker I get, the harder I rock ha ha!

DW: As this is the 6th anniversary of Clenched Fist Productions, we can assume that you are at least 6 years old, but you’re pretty hairy even for 8…how old are you this year, Tripp?

TS: I’ll be a whopping 32 this year. This would have actually been the 7th installment of the birthday show, but I was in the hospital last year, so partying wasn’t really an option lol.

DW: It’s good to know you’re back up to rocking strength. What made you start Clenched Fist seven years ago?

TS: I was living in Lincoln, and I noticed I was seeing the same bands playing the same places every weekend. I had friends in bands and a birthday coming up, so I figured what the f**k, why not throw a bash with my friends’ bands on it? A few of the bands on the show maybe got the chance to play once or twice a year with the way things were run around town, and I tell ya what, the people came out and everybody had a blast. I thought to myself that night, I could do this more often and more seriously. So the idea got in my head to start a production service. I stood there with a Beam and Coke in one hand looking at the stage. I noticed every time a vocalist would yell out at the crowd they would throw up their fists. And the name was born.

DW: That’s f**king awesome. You’ve got two nights of birthday partying this year, have you done that before? What’s the scene in Norfolk like?

TS: This is the first two­ night-er. I lived in Omaha for about three years and made a lot of cool band friends and fans of music. I currently live in Norfolk again, so I wanted to show both scenes a little love. As far as the Norfolk scene goes, it’s good if they know who you are, lol. Not a lot of people come out to see bands they haven’t heard before, which is unfortunate, because they’ve missed out on some really good bands and musicians.

DW: Well f**k, anyone would be crazy to miss either one of these shows, especially with a free keg of the nectar of the metal gods at the Phoenix Room.

TS: Honestly, how can you pass up free beer and a face melting? ha ha. Between the eight different bands on the two nights, you won’t get a better sampler platter for your ears to feast on.

DW: Hell yeah! Any last comments for the readers?

TS: At the risk of sounding cliche, support your local music scene. If you don’t, nobody else will, and original, creative, talented musicians will start to fade out. But most of all, THANK YOU to the bands, the venues, and the fans of this obnoxious love of metal. I don’t do this for me, I do it for all of you. Stay sexy and keep your fists in the air! \m/

The man himself said it! Support your local music scene and….
Get out and play some cover charges f**kers!!!