Check out MurderHouse’s first track “Reject”!

So, I go ahead and mention new Omaha band, MurderHouse, for the first time in an article, and approximately 3 hangovers later, they release their first song, “Reject.” What’s more, you can listen OR download for FREE.

MurderHouse is a 5-piece, modern American metal outfit made up of former members of Black on High, Break Maiden, and Furiosity. If “Reject” is any indicator, these guys are shooting straight into the hearts of Slipknot and Disturbed fans. “Reject” starts out with a super catchy, headbanger of a riff that serves as the backbone for the five-and-one-half-minute magnum opus.

While there is a cool guitar solo a little past the halfway point, don’t let the #thrashmetal hashtag or the Metallica-ish logo fool you, MurderHouse will have you reminiscing about 2003, not 1987.

The track does sound great; the guitars are heavy and enveloping, the drums are tight and punchy. It’s actually kind of cool to go to the MH Soundcloud page and listen to the difference between the preview track and the finished track. The sonic difference is huge! Good job to whoever did the additional mixing/mastering.

Make sure to listen below, grab the free download, and go check out MurderHouse at their debut performance, which will take place at the When Towers Fall CD release show on August 14th. When Towers Fall is giving their new CD away for free at that show, so it’s a free music double-whammy!

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