Caleb Moore’s • Top 5 Albums 2014

Editor’s Note: This top 5 best albums of 2014 list is from Caleb Moore, Vocalist/Guitarist of A Different Breed. (Some of these tracks are not technically “METAL”, but still cool.) In 2013, ADB released their South of the Sun EP, which you can hear in its entirety on their soundcloud. The band is working on their follow-up album, which will come out in 2015. Check A Different Breed out here:

Hey! My list is below. Thanks for doing this stuff. Interested to hear what other folks are listening to!

Mastodon – Once More Round The Sun

Of course the ‘don is on the top of my list. Love these guys and have a pretty enormous respect for their musicianship, and their willingness to experiment. They certainly aren’t the same band as when I first heard them on “Blood Mountain” but I really enjoy where they’ve been and what they’ve done with this record. Certainly fun to listen to musicians of their caliber be willing to keep evolving and trying new things! “Chimes at Midnight” and “Aunt Lisa” are on the top of my list for this album.

Tycho – Awake

Discovered this artist through a work trip while I was in San Francisco. He is one of the song contributors for a game names “Hohokum” and I really enjoyed his track on that game which lead me to listen to his album. Really great atmospheric music for doing the art and design portion of my job. “L” is the track that really got me into him. Some great sonic palettes!

Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie

Interestingly enough I was introduced to this band via following Orange Amps on facebook a year or two ago. Turns out their bass player is from good ol’ Nebraska. They have a great classic Zepplinish vibe that I just love. Soul, mojo, great vocalist, and heck when they came through NE they put on one hell of a show. “Electric Man” and “Open My Eyes” are great tunes on this album.

Jack White – Lazaretto

Ah, good old Jackie boy. He always has an impeccable sense of feel and tone in his tunes. This album sounds wonderful and has a great vibe overall. He always finds some really sweet grooves and some REALLY sweet guitar tones. Silvertone 1484… I should get one of those. I wouldn’t mind picking this guy up on vinyl as I feel like it’s asking for that kind of a listening experience. Notable tracks that I really enjoy, “Lazaretto”, “Entitlement”, “High Ball Stepper”, and “Just One Drink”.

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways

Foo Fighters, is anybody surprised? I enjoy a Dave Grohl’s attitude on music, playing, writing, recording, and music business. I really enjoyed the concept behind this album as I felt it was pretty creative and fun. Almost as much music history through the voice of a band as an interesting way to approach writing music. Obviously not every band can pull that off. But I really enjoyed that the Foo Fighters did. “The Feast And The Famine” is probably my favorite track of this album. “What Did I Do?” is another great track, kind of reminds me of their album “The Color And The Shape”. Fun stuff!

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