By The Thousands “Cotyledon” guitar playthrough!

So the new “By The Thousands” EP has been out for a little while now and what do you think? Badass Concert gives it two big thumbs up… OH YEAH! This track is fresh and exciting, totally metal as f*ck! These guys play so gracefully and make it look easy. This song has it all, it’s intricate, pretty, brutal, heavy and talk about those drums… the tempo is awesome. It’s thick… like your mom’s mashed potatoes!

In the following video, guitarists Dustin Korth and John Riviere show you how it’s done. Get ready for a musical journey that is killer. Talk about LOW PRICES, their EP is only five bucks! You can’t buy sh*t nowadays for five bucks. If you’re interested in purchasing their new EP, it can be found on their bandcamp page.

As always f***ers, turn this sh*t up and destroy your neighbors. Piss rust and listen to metal!