Bud Light’s “The Bud Knight” is the most METAL thing about the big game.

How about that halftime show? Maybe someday a heavy metal band will get the gig, but in the meantime let’s discuss the most metal thing about the big game… “The Bud Knight”.

If you haven’t watched this commercial yet then you’re missing out. There is nothing more metal than a badass knight on an armored horse questing for thy case of beer. However, I would suggest questing for a higher caliber of adult beverage such as Heineken, Guinness, or Corona. I’m no expert on how horse piss tastes, but I’m pretty sure Bud Light is darn close. Have you ever tried Bud Light Lime? It’s super f@#$ing nasty.

Anyway, getting back to the Bud Knight, the dude is the coolest beer mascot in years and is totally inspired by He-Man with that raise your sword and lightning strike move. Another funny part is at ten seconds in the video, what’s with that ladies chainmail armor? It’s very tactical with its breast only protection. No need to worry about your neck in battle.

Check out the full-on cheese ass commercial below and Dilly, Dilly… whatever that means!