Booze Metal BBQ shindig is just around the corner.

Summer is almost here, it’s that time of year to take your shirt off and let the sun burn your flesh to a crisp. It’s that time of year to party hard and pass out piss drunk in your neighbor’s front lawn. Finally, it’s that time of year for heavy metal cook outs!

This weekend get stoked for the first annual Booze Metal BBQ. It’s going down Saturday night in Omaha. There will be five bands total, free koozies and a grill master with food for sale. The fun starts at 6PM with Black Velvet kicking things off. Black Velvet is a two piece rock and roll band from Elkhorn, NE. Featuring Alexander Kilgore on vocals/guitar and Curtis Marking on the drums because it’s a pain in the ass to find a quality bass player right, so the hell with it (Just Kidding). Be sure to check them out.

Next up is a band which needs no introduction, the almighty TenDead from Omaha, Nebraska. TenDead is amazing! They have a large arsenal of dark, riff-filled jams at their disposal. Be sure to pick up a copy of “Stronghold” and “Return of the Ancient“; these albums never disappoint.

Once TenDead are done and you’re exhausted, pick yourself up and pull it together because the party animals from Kearney, NE are hitting the stage. Grab a refreshing quality adult beverage, hold on to something that’s bolted down and enjoy the ride. I’m talking about the one and only Slantpiece. Another band with a couple of albums under their belt and ready to deliver the riff. Since you just bought both TenDead albums five minutes ago, jump back on itunes and finish off that gift card from your aunt Lanette. Be sure to pick up “Get You Some” and “Second Wind” (Pick it up at the show).

Meanwhile after all this badass metal has kicked your ass, you’re going to be hungry. So get your dine on with some excellent BBQ, after all it’s the Booze Metal BBQ. Better scarf that chow down and get ready for Exit Sanity. This band features some members from an old band called PorkBelly. Exit Sanity will be sure to drink the bar dry!!! Just maybe you hear last call during their set lol. These guys have a theme; they love beer. So be sure to grab a cold one and salute to the power of the party.

Now it’s time to pick your ass up and head inside and finish the night with Helldorado. Helldorado is a killer cover band, jamming the good stuff… you know everything from Rob Zombie, Megadeth to Coal Chamber. It will be fun.

So there you have it, the first annual Booze Metal BBQ will be going down at Dr Jack’s Drinkery in Omaha, Nebraska. The gig is presented by Clenched Fist Productions, Exit Sanity and Dr Jack’s Drinkery.

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– BadassConcert