Has your band ever been “Omaha’d”? According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a thing.

Out of all the Omaha shows I’ve attended, there was maybe one show where the term “Omaha’d” was relevant. I’m trying to remember what show it was… I do remember the gig taking place at the Sokol, but that’s all I recall. According to the Urban Dictionary website, the term “Omaha’d” means the following…

“When a little known nationally touring band headlines a show with a big local band. The local band plays first and draws in most of the fans who then leave after the local band finishes their set, leaving the other band playing to an empty house.”

The site lists that the term derived from the behavior of the typical Omaha, Nebraska, music fan and labels them “asshole scenesters”.

So the next time you’re at your local music venue to enjoy a show, make sure you stick around for all the bands; after all, you did pay for the ticket. Let’s all rally up a big shout out to Urban Dictionary user “castens” for shining a light on this subject, LMAO! The s$%^ people come up with.