Arizona’s No Zodiac is coming to Omaha and the venue just might need barricades! They’re pretty heavy and bring the riff.

Phoenix, AZ, metal band No Zodiac is coming to Omaha, Nebraska, February 28th, 2018, to The Lookout Lounge. After listening to their latest record titled, “Altars Of Impurity”, I highly recommend the venue invest in a stage barricade… it’s that f@#$ing heavy… it’s that f@#$ing good.

Their record is filled with tons of groovy riffs, blazing drums, death growls, and some doom sounding breakdowns. However, the breakdowns are more like breakpoints. Instead of chugging along, the breakpoints are more of a sign that shit is about to go down.

The show also features special guests… Pains, Deathwish, and Stronghold. So show up at 7:00 pm on the dot. You don’t want to miss anything. This show is all ages, make sure and bring the kids, the neighbors, and your Aunt Ruth because everyone’s Aunt Ruth loves to mosh in the pits and afterward might just bake you and the crew a mean dish of chocolate chip cookies.

Here is a link to the official Facebook event so you don’t forget the details. Tickets are $7 in advance / $10 day of show. Thanks to Aorta Music for putting this show together.