Architect Or Arsonist are finally in the studio and that means it’s time to get stoked!

Architect Or Arsonist from Norfolk, Nebraska are finally hitting the studio to record their debut album titled Anthropomorphism. Having saw this band live and knowing the music, this album will for sure make a huge awesome impact in the local metal scene.

Fans of Suicide Silence and The Black Dahlia Murder will love this band. You can tell these guys are influenced by some heavy hitters. We stalked the band on the facebook and from the intel we gathered, Marcus Schwager has been laying down the vocal tracks and Cody Suckstorf has been building the foundation on the drums. It’s great to see the traditional old school drums for recording, it gives it that extra pop that you don’t always find with digital drums. We haven’t come across any guitar or bass recording pictures, but they’re sure to be on their way.

So there you have it for now. We will keep stalking the AOA crew and keep you posted on the crushing new record due out later this year. Thanks for reading, stay metal and piss rust!