Another hidden gem on Bandcamp, check out Texas metal band Daedric. It’s a pretty rad project.

It all started on YouTube, I’m watching some music videos and it starts… YouTube starts serving ads and I’m like staring at the ceiling screaming, “Why? Not another ad!” Then, just then… I’m served a music video as an ad. I was one millisecond from pressing skip this and then my brain registered some rad tunes.

That’s right, the ad was a music video for the band Daedric. I was like, well this is rad… if only YouTube could serve music videos as ads 100% of the time… I’d be totally cool with that.

Moving on, let’s discuss this metal band. Daedric is a solo project from Texas based vocalist, artist, and more, Kristyn Hope. Check out the video for the track, “Mortal”… this song is awesome. To me, it feels like you a mix of Once Human, with a mild touch of Fear Factory. The video itself is a masterpiece to dehold, very cool, very cinematic, and very anamorphic.

So there you have it friends, another hidden gem on Bandcamp… (Technically, I found them on YouTube via an ad… it’s a crazy world.) You can also check out the band via their website. It’s Monday, turn it up and enjoy your day.