All-ages METAL show alert! Divine Apostate Productions presents “The Metal Massacre”.

Lifelong metalheads usually begin their addiction to heavy music long before they are of legal drinking age. Yet, there are so few all-ages local metal shows. We all frequently miss out on opportunities to share our local flavor of brutality with the youth. Surveying the Damned is looking to “seize the day,” so to speak, on Friday, March the 13th.

Surveying the Damned and Divine Apostate Productions are hosting “The Metal Massacre” at Lincoln County Fairgrounds next weekend. According to STD guitarist, Larry Sandoval, the impetus behind the all-ages show is two-fold, one to debut their new drummer, Zach Stymiest, and two, to expose some children to music from their hometown. Or as Larry puts it, “So many fans of metal and rock are under 21, but no one around here does anything for them. Every rock show the radio station or anyone else puts on is 21 and up. That makes it really hard for kids that can play instruments. I mean, why start a band if there’s nowhere to play, or you’ve never seen anyone else doing it?”

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The show features Surveying the Damned as headliners, with support from Rift, Drowning in the Platte, and Sin/Fixx. But loud, local, live music is not all you’ll get at the massacre. There are going to be giveaways and contests for band merch and other treasures, like a signed Sin/Fixx cymbal.