A Different Breed release their new single “Crutch”. Badass Concert .com EXCLUSIVE!

One of the many things I love about Nebraska metal music is that there isn’t a “sound.” Every band brings its own influences and passions to the table. Lincoln, Nebraska’s A Different Breed mixes together a wide range of tastes and creates something uniquely awesome.

Today, E X C L U S I V E L Y on BadassConcert.com, ADB is releasing their new single “Crutch.” The variety of riffs and textures on this song blend together into something that resonates so much with me that I can hardly keep my ass in the chair.

A wave of guitar feedback gives way to an ultra-modern two-note riff, and then the snare drum and sparse power chord blasts lay the foundation for bassist Chuck Fleming’s lead vocal over the verse. The pre-chorus creates an immense amount of tension with sliding guitar parts that build with harmonies and intensely screamed vocals. Just when the tension is almost too much to bear, “Crutch” releases its huge chorus with vocals courtesy of Caleb Moore.

The song keeps building with verse two and features a great back-and-back-and-forth guitar and bass stop that takes your breath away. The superior musicianship that this group possesses is right in your face the entire time, from the quick bass runs that add another dimension of insanity to the super slick guitar transition at 2:49. **sploosh** There’s a brutal breakdown and a variation of the main riff featuring pinch harmonics…really something for everyone, or a metric ton of killer just for you.

The song sucks you in so much, you almost don’t notice how f*cking incredible it sounds. In September 2014, the ADB boys made the trek to Scotland, South Dakota, to Jeremy Schaeffer’s All Poetic Audio. Jeremy has been behind the knobs for a ton of awesome-sounding projects. Check out his website, AllPoeticAudio.com, to see examples of his work.

A Different Breed is going to begin tracking for the rest of their new album in the next month or so, with plans for a summer 2015 release. Keep up with the band’s shenanigans on their facebook, twitter, and SoundCloud pages. In fact, on their SoundCloud page, you can stream their 2013 release South of the Sun in full.

But one EP isn’t going to keep you entertained until the new record comes out, so until then…

…get out and pay some cover charges f@#$ers!!!

Oh sh*t, I nearly forgot!! This is an exclusive stream article. Hit play here: