A Different Breed give us a different interview!

I never thought an interview could be so hot. It could even be described as “hot like a free buffet at a strip club,” well, thats how A Different Breed bassist Chuck Fleming puts it. I had a quick chat with Fleming and drummer Tim Blundell this week to fill you guys in about their great Nebraska metal band.

ADB brings a f*cking tight, rocking sound to the table, there are some neck snapping breakdowns, and choruses that will be stuck in your head all day . They blend a wide range of influences, from metal (duh) to southern rock, hardcore, and although I can’t hear too much of it, the guys in the band even enjoy some bluegrass and polka! Check out the song “Did you earn that Ego?” on reverbnation to see what I mean. Heavy grooving guitar riffs, drums that you can’t help but headbang to, topped off by Caleb Moore’s expertly delivered vocals. Moore is definitely one of the top vocal talents in the NE metal scene, what you hear on the record is what you are going to hear live.

Speaking of live, ADB has a few shows coming up soon. This Saturday (March 15th) at Gillies Bar in Kearney, NE, they will be playing for Primal Waters CD release party with Slantpiece and TenDead. The following Saturday, March 22nd, they’ll be rocking Lincoln’s newest music venue, Vega, with Arson City and Faded Black.

Enough of my yappin’… lets get started!!

DW: Let’s start at square one, as we have not covered ADB on BadassConcert.com yet…tell me a little about how you guys got started.

ADB: Well it started out in Benedict and York. Caleb and Tim had an idea to start a band in middle school. They called themselves “The Fading”. They recruited Josh Stephens and Sean Broderick to fill the line up and started writing music and playing shows around the local area. Eventually we changed the name to A Different Breed because we found out that there was another band called The Fading and needed a change since the style of music changed. Progressing to more of a harder sound. We started getting more recognition once the change-ups were solid and we were starting to realize that this was starting to get more serious.

DW: How did you end up in the band, Chuck?

ADB: Basically I was living in Norfolk, working and partying, and I met Sean there. He said the guitarist was looking to focus on school and were looking for a bass player. I accepted the tryout and apparently nailed it. I don’t know what they were thinking. It was a really weird f*cking experience.

DW: It was a f*cking weird experience, or it was a weird f*cking experience? I don’t think I’ve ever had to perform sexually at a band tryout.

ADB: Well sometimes you do what you have to do. It paid well in the end. Both ways.

DW: Both ways, of course. So what made it weird?

ADB: Just transitioning being in a cover band to performing metal. I never would’ve figured.

DW: Was ADB a cover band at one point, or were you in a different cover band?

ADB: I was in a cover band up in Hartington. Good pay, just got tired of doing covers when you could write stuff you enjoy. My first show with ADB, I drove all the way from Hartington to York and played 3 songs and left.

DW: That is awesome. You guys released an EP in 2013, “South of the Sun,” was this your first recording release?

ADB: Yeah. Super fun to write and record. We took 6 months off to write the EP and go to the studio, recorded it in a few days. A lot of whiskey was involved. Full frontal dudity included.

DW: Where did you record it?

ADB: We recorded it at Plan C Studios in Lincoln. With the help of Sean Joyce, we cut 5 songs in about 4 days. 1st day is always a doozy.

DW: Metal Sean does great work, what led you to working with him?

ADB: Every show we’ve done down at Knickerbockers, he always kills it. When you meet a guy who knows what you want, you keep them around. It’s hard to find people like that.

DW: For sure, you guys had to order more copies of the EP recently right?

ADB: Yeah it’s clear now we should have ordered more cds. LOL. We have 1000 en route as we speak.

DW: So that came out in July 2013, what do you guys have cooking for 2014?

ADB: Right now we’ve taken some time off and are working on our first full length. So far we have about 10 tracks we’ve been jamming.

DW: Holy s*it, thats quite a few! I know you guys have a few shows coming up, any chance we’ll get to hear any of the new songs live?

ADB: I’d say theres a 100% chance you will. LOL. We have a few being finalized this week and ready for this weekend at Primal’s CD release. 3 new tunes for sure. One of the heavier ones will be presented.

DW: How is the new material different than what’s on South of the Sun?

ADB: It’s a little more heavy and technical, but still obviously us. South of the Sun was a good straight-forward, kick your ass, metal record. With this one, we’ve started experimenting different styles and getting weird. There’s a polka on one.

DW: Does someone play accordion?

ADB: No accordion lol. It’s still in the works.

DW: Ha ha. One of my favorite things about ADB is how you guys mix up a bunch of styles, what are some of the bands that influence your music in the band?

ADB: Everyone listens to different bands. Ha ha. It’s all over. It all ranges from Metallica, Mastodon, Pantera, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age. We have too many. But that’s always a good thing. It seems if you split us up, everyone could be paired with each other.

ADB (Tim): Me personally I’m into the thrashy and heavy Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera.

DW: And you, Chuck?

ADB (Chuck): For me, Mastodon, Foos, Queens of the Stone. Those would be top 3. If they all formed one giant egg, I would be the sperm who won the race.

DW: Well the combination of influences you guys have seems to be working for me! Any last thoughts for the readers?

ADB: We’re really stoked for Kearney, and we plan on bringing the thunder! Hog ass f*ckin wild! Not to sound cliche, but we’d like to thank everyone for supporting us and coming out for a good rock and roll show. Plus, tips are accepted. Especially for chuck. Just the tip.

There you have it! Straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. Well you know what to do…..
Get out and pay some cover charges f*ckers!!!