“9th & O” Knickerbockers remembrance reunion show

Everybody or anyone that loves live heavy metal music and has visited the great city of Lincoln, NE, has heard about the legendary Knickerbockers venue. The venue has brought great acts to the area such as… Lamb of God, Municipal Waste, Nashville Pussy, Hank Williams III, Fear Factory, and Mudvayne …just to name a few. It was truly a great place to see a show.

The venue closed it’s doors forever two long years ago as the property was purchased by a development company that plans to repurpose the block. Coming soon, where the mighty Knickerbockers once stood, will be the new structure known as “Block 54”. Man, every time I say it in my head, I think of Judge Dredd and the Mega-City One block structure LOL. I doubt Block 54 plans on hosting any future heavy metal shows. Instead, there will be a 15 to 17 story building with two hotels, upscale condos, and a restaurant and bar.

However, the spirit of Knickerbockers lives on in the hearts of its loyal fans. That’s why Clenched Fist Productions has teamed up with Gray’s Keg Saloon to bring you, “Remembering 9th & O, The Knickerbockers Reunion Show”. This show currently features… Dethmask, Cynge, ThemOtherDides, and Bomb Earth …with more to be announced! It’s surely going to badass for sure!

I’m sure hoping I can make down to Lincoln for this gig. I’m pretty sure that if there happen to be 25¢ cheap tacos just like the good old Knickerbocker days, I’ll be there. I’m going to post a link below to the Facebook event page. The show is on Saturday, December 30th, 2017, at Gray’s Keg Saloon in Lincoln, NE.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! Cue the music.

Official Facebook Event Page