2nd Annual Sinfest Coverage

     What a great show. Tons of bands, tons of fans and free beer. Special thanks to Mr. Bailey Kvamme once again. The night started off with the brutal sounds of Drowning In The Platte. The band is from Columbus and you can check them out online. Second band up was Redneck Death Truck from Alma. RNDT received a great reaction from the crowd. Look for their upcoming release soon. Moving on, next up Architect or Arsonist from Norfolk. Holy sh*t, this band was killer. Their live show is full of energy and great crowd participation. Hell, they even sold all their t-shirts! SOLD OUT! No more shirts.

After AOA finished their set, I though how can anyone top that? They rocked! Make way for Primal Waters from Omaha. Primal Waters was amazing. Their style has many influences of old school heavy metal. These guys are on par with the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Megadeth. Very tip-top professional act. Check them out right here on “Crank It Up Radio”.

Now that everyone drank all the free beer, the smell of piss, blood and puke filled the air. The party was on. Prepare for the epic power of Sin/Fixx. The Norfolk force kicked ass and took no prisoners. Their metal assault left its mark. Pits opened up and the party was on. Ask anyone that attended; it was off the chain. Stick around for more photos and coverage as it surfaces.

– News Beast

Final Band Lineup
1. Drowning In The Platte
2. Redneck Death Truck
3. Architect Or Arsonist
4. Primal Waters
5. Sin/Fixx